What Was the Cost for Mini Dental Implants in 2014?


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The cost for a mini dental implant in 2014/2015 ranges from $300 to $900, according to The Dental Implant Center. Insurance usually does not pay for mini dental implants, but some plans pay for the teeth that attach to the implants.

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Mini dental implants are ideal for individuals who are unable to withstand regular implant surgery, do not have enough bone to accommodate full-sized implants, or are interested in a lower-cost option than regular dental implants, explains Gentle Dentistry of Las Colinas. Mini implants can replace one or multiple teeth or can secure dentures, reports Ueber & Friedrich Dentistry. Mini dental implant placement does not involve surgery, so there is no recovery period, and the dentist can attach the tooth to the implant immediately or shortly after placement of the mini implant.

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