What Is the Cost of Long-Term Care?

What Is the Cost of Long-Term Care?

According to Genworth, the average annual cost for long-term care at an assisted living facility is $43,200 in the United States, as of 2015. The cost of long-term care varies depending on the type of care needed, the duration of the care, the location and the provider.

$43,200 is the average cost for a person to stay in an assisted living facility for 12 months, with his own bedroom. These facilities assist residents with daily activities, but don't have the level of medical supervision available at nursing homes.

In addition to assisted living facilities, other types of long-term care include home health care, adult day health care and nursing home care.

Home health care is divided into two types of care: homemaker services and home health aides. Homemaker services provides assistance with household tasks. Homemaker services constitute "hands-off" care, which means the caregiver doesn't touch the care recipient. The average annual cost is $44,616.

Home health aides offer "hands-on" care. These services are for those who live at home but need more extensive care than homemaker services. The average annual cost is $45,760.

Adult day health care provides services in a community setting. Services vary depending on the provider. The average annual cost is $17,904.

Nursing home care facilities provide personal and medical care. The facilities have nurses available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The average annual cost for a private room is $91,250.