How Do You Know the Cost of an Eyebrow Transplant?


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Patients seeking estimates for an eyebrow transplant should consult clinics to discuss the extent of the surgery. Fewer implantations result in lower costs. Based on national averages as of 2015, the lowest cost of an eyebrow transplant is $2,000, according to Plastic Surgery Portal.

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Women and men who experience eyebrow hair loss can opt for eyebrow hair transplant surgery, a plastic surgery procedure that permanently solves the loss of hair from the eyebrow. Thyroid disorders, old age, over-plucking and facial injuries can all result in eyebrow hair loss, notes Plastic Surgery Portal. Plastic surgeons find donor hair to take from the scalp and implant into the eyebrow area.

Only trained hair transplant surgeons should perform the implant surgery. As of 2015, the lower range of cost hovers at about $2,000, while the maximum cost for full implantations is $6,000, the Plastic Surgery Portal says. The surgery can last from one to four hours, and side effects include redness, swelling and tenderness in the implantation area. Compared to other plastic surgery procedures, eyebrow hair transplant surgery is very safe.

About six months after eyebrow transplant surgery, new hair grow in through the implants, Plastic Surgery Portal says. The effectiveness of the surgery and the fairly easy recovery period makes it a good option for people looking to restore their eyebrows.

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