What Is the Cost of a Complete Denture Relining?


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As of 2015, complete denture relining generally costs between $270 and $470, according to Animated-Teeth.com. Chairside relining costs between $270 and $390. Laboratory relining, a more complicated process, usually costs between $340 and $470.

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Chairside denture relining is an in-office procedure in which the dentist fills the denture with a thick liquid plastic. As the denture sits in the patient's mouth, the plastic hardens and conforms to the shape of the patient's gums. Chairside relining is a quick procedure, but the results are less durable than those acheived through laboratory relining.

Laboratory relining involves taking a modeling paste impression of the patient's gums. The dentist mails the impression and the patient's denture to a laboratory, where the lining of the denture is re-shaped to conform to the mold.

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