How Does the Cost of Beltone Hearing Aids Compare With Products by Competitors?

The cost of Beltone hearing aids is often much higher than that of its competitors, according to the expert reviews on For some consumers, the higher quality is worth the price, while others find there is no discernible difference between Beltone hearing aids and less-expensive counterparts.

Founded in Chicago in 1940, Beltone has become one of the largest manufacturers of hearing instruments in the world. Beltone is the most trusted brand in its field by customers aged 50 and older, according to its website. This company has hundreds of locations in North America and markets its products in over 50 countries. Beltone offers many different styles of hearing aids to fit the individual needs of the wearer, and the cost of each item varies with the features it comes with.

The quality of Beltone hearing aids doesn't always warrant the more expensive price tag, report the experts at Many customers have reported problems with their devices that were never resolved even after being sent back to the company for repair. However, experts do acknowledge that the technology used to create Beltone hearing aids and the many extra features its devices offer are unmatched by those of other competing hearing-instrument companies. Unfortunately, since many seniors who need hearing aids in the United States live on a fixed income, they often cannot afford the higher-priced Beltone products. As a result, many seniors often end up going through a less-expensive competitor for their hearing aid needs, such as Miracle Ear or SongBird.