What Is the Cost of the Baha Cochlear Implant?


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As of 2015, the cost of the Baha cochlear implant ranges from about $3,470.00 to about $7,400.00, depending on the model, reports Ear Community. The Cochlear Baha System is a bone conduction implant that treats single-sided deafness, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss, according to Cochlear.

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Costs vary for bone-anchored auditory devices and bone conduction osseo-integrated processors, because each medical facility negotiates different contract prices, notes Ear Community. Government medical coverage and private insurance may cover up to 80 percent or more of the cost, because bone-anchored auditory devices and bone-anchored auditory implants are not hearing aids, which insurers typically don't cover. Some hospitals, including children's hospitals, offer income-based scholarships, discounts and reimbursements to help individuals and families pay for the devices.

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