How Do Corsets Help Cure a Hernia?


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A corset supposedly helps to cure a hernia by pressing on it and blocking the rupture, the British Hernia Centre explains. However, this method of hernia repair is not recommended by doctors; it was a method used before surgery became widely used.

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While not all hernias require surgical repair, doctors advise patients against wearing corsets of truss belts to solve this problem as it can further damage the abdominal tissue, states WebMD. Some hernias are small and not serious, causing little or no pain. In these cases, surgery isn't required. Sometimes patients elect to wait and see if the hernia resolves itself over time. This is another acceptable practice as waiting does not generally increase the risk of complications or worsen the problem.

Doctors recommend that children with hernias be treated immediately, suggests WebMD. A doctor needs to first reduce the size of the hernia either by pushing it back into the abdomen and icing it. Then the hernia can be repaired surgically. Sometimes hernias recur depending on the type of surgery. For instance, a person that has his hernia repaired with a patch has a higher chance of success than if other surgical methods are used. If a patient has diabetes, lung disease or prostate problems, surgical repair is often not a solution.

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