What Is the Correlation Between Type 2 Diabetes and Alcohol?


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People with Type 2 diabetes may follow the same recommendations for consuming alcohol as those who don't have the condition; however, there are other considerations, according to Health.com. Diabetics need to take extra precautions to ensure blood sugar levels remain stable and that alcohol doesn't have an adverse reaction with overall diet or medications. Generally, a man with Type 2 diabetes should drink no more than two alcoholic beverages per day. A woman should consume no more than one.

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Alcohol can cause a spike or drop in blood sugar while the liver is processing it, states Health.com. Diabetics should test the impact of consuming alcohol and taking insulin or medications that can cause hypoglycemia, and take added precautions to treat a change in blood sugar as directed by a medical professional. Consuming alcohol also provides additional calories and carbohydrates. Diet choices should be adjusted throughout the day to account for the extra intake. Alcohol may also raise triglyceride levels in the blood.

Diabetics who suffer from nerve damage can make the condition worse with drinking alcohol, notes Health.com. Symptoms of burning, tingling, numbness and pain may increase with drinking, even in moderation. Additionally, studies show a correlation between diabetics who drink alcohol and a decrease in healthy self-care behavior. Those who indulge are less likely to adhere to good health practices, including taking their medicine and checking blood sugar levels.

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