How Do You Correctly Perform a Pullover Dumbbell Exercise?

How Do You Correctly Perform a Pullover Dumbbell Exercise?

The dumbbell pullover requires a dumbbell and a flat bench. The dumbbell pullover is an effective strength training exercise for your chest, back, triceps and shoulders. It is regarded as an intermediate lift so be sure to use a spotter if you are relatively new to weight training.

  1. Engage in the proper setup

    Select a relatively light dumbbell for your warm-up set. Place the dumbbell so that is standing upright a flat bench. Ensure that the dumbbell is secure, and lie perpendicular to the bench so that only your shoulders are resting on the bench. Position your hips below the bench, and place your feet firmly on the floor with your legs bent.

  2. Position the dumbbell

    Grab the weight with both hands, and hold it over your chest at roughly arms length. Assume the starting position, by pressing your palms against the underside of the dumbbell. Make sure you are balanced with your feet planted securely on the floor.

  3. Execute the lift

    Keep your arms straight and lower the dumbbell slowly behind your head in an arc motion. Continue to bring the weight back until you feel a stretch on your chest, then slowly bring the dumbbell back to the starting point using the same arc motion. Hold the weight in the starting position for a second and repeat the same arc motion for your subsequent reps.