What Is the Correct Way to Use Tampons?

To use a tampon correctly, insert the applicator tube of the tampon all the way into the vagina at a 45-degree angle until the fingers come into contact with the body. Push the applicator end all the way down, then pull the external applicator out of the vaginal canal, details the Center for Young Women's Health.

Many brands of tampons are available inside plastic or cardboard applicator tubes for ease of insertion. The applicator tube allows the user to insert the tampon without having the fingers enter the vaginal canal, as the Center for Young Women's Health shows. Some tampons are available without applicator tubes. To insert this type of tampon, position the unwrapped tampon at the opening of the vagina, then push it in, aiming toward the small of the back. Once you have fully inserted the tampon, use the index or pointer finger to push it as far into the vaginal canal as possible.

Wear tampons for up to eight hours at a time, and change them every four to eight hours, notes Playtex. Always select a tampon with the lowest level of absorbency appropriate for the menstrual flow. Discomfort in the vagina or lower abdomen is a likely sign of improper tampon insertion. To remove a tampon, relax as much as possible, then gently pull the external string to drag the tampon out of the vagina.