How Do You Correct the Supination of the Foot?


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To correct oversupination of the foot, a person may visit with an orthopedic physician for an analysis of walking styles, convert to a highly cushioned shoe, or insert insoles into existing shoes, according to the Sportsinjuryclinic.net. Custom-made, pre-molded shoe inserts can also help correct the supination of the foot.

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To treat an oversupination of the foot, a professional trainer or physician must analyze the individual's running and walking pace and style, explains Sportsinjuryclinic.net. For example, some runners and walkers overpronate while some oversupinate when walking or running at a particular speed. When an individual has an oversupination of one or both feet, purchasing a specialized shoe that offers flexibility and significant cushion helps to correct the supination.

An additional option is to get fitted for an orthotic insole through an orthopedic physician, podiatrist or fitness trainer, according to the Sportsinjuryclinic.net. Some insoles are pre-molded and available at retail shoe stores; however, some may need to be customized or casted by a podiatrist to correct a severe oversupination of the foot. Individuals who supinate one or both feet have a tendency to sprain or roll their ankles since more weight is applied to the rear and outside of the foot when running or walking, notes FootSmart.

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