Does Coricidin HBP Treat Sinus Infections?

Coricidin HBP is not marketed for the treatment of sinus infections but for relief of cold symptoms. The brand's website lists various Coricidin products that relieve runny nose, fever and headache. The Mayo Clinic website also lists all these as sinus infection symptoms. However, Coricidin can only treat symptoms, not cure infections.

Acute sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, are most often caused by cold viruses, according to the Mayo Clinic. No known cure exists, but this type of sinusitis usually subsides on its own. Even bacterial sinusitis is likely to improve without antibiotics. Rarest of all, fungal sinus infections can be cured by antifungal medication.

The HBP in Coricidin HBP stands for high blood pressure. As the product website describes, it is formulated without decongestants, which can raise blood pressure, making the product safe for people with the condition. It does not shrink blood vessels as decongestant products like Sudafed tend to do. explains that the ingredients in Coricidin products include an analgesic, acetaminophen, to reduce pain perception, and an antihistamine, chlorpheniramine, to reduce nasal symptoms.

A WebMD article discussing medications that people with high blood pressure should avoid does not mention antibiotics or antifungals, the only medicines that can actually cure sinus infections. The article reminds patients that multiple medications taken at the same time can interact in a way that is harmful or reduces the effectiveness of treatment, and that physicians need to be kept up to date on all medications their patients take, whether by prescription or purchased over the counter.