How Does Core Strength and Weight Training for Runners Work?


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Core strength training for runners works to help the legs grow stronger, and weight training works to help runners run more efficiently by allowing more oxygen to flow to the muscles during the run. There are many workouts that a runner can do to build both core strength and improve weight training. These allow a runner to gain more speed because of the increased oxygen flow.

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A runner's core engages when they begin running. The abdominal and back muscles stabilize the spine, and this allows a runner's legs to gain strength if they have a solid and strong core. Some of the exercises that help include sit-ups, glute-strengthening exercises and back-strengthening exercises.

Weight training for the lower body helps to build muscles in the legs in addition to providing more oxygen flow. The stronger and leaner a runner's leg muscles are, the faster and longer he or she will be able to run. Runners can enjoy greater flexibility and better balance and stability while running. Weight training also provides a runner with longer endurance.

Both core strength training and weight training help a runner to decrease his or her body fat percentage and to burn extra calories to help increase lean body mass and increase speed.

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