Does CoQ10 Counteract the Side Effects of Statins?


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While some physicians recommend that patients supplement cholesterol-lowering statin regimes with Coenzyme Q10 to counteract the muscle pain and weakness they cause, the results are not conclusive, according to WebMD. Statin drugs often lower the natural amounts of CoQ10's in the body, thus the recommended supplementation.

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While there is unclear scientific evidence for the use of CoQ10 in conjunction with statin drugs, and more research is required, it may help treat the muscle weakness that can be a side effect, reports Mayo Clinic. CoQ10 may reduce inflammation in individuals with coronary heart disease and is a promising treatment for high blood pressure. The antioxidant may also benefit patients who have experienced heart attacks as well as those with chronic heart muscle diseases, such as cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart muscle.

Research offers strong support for the use of CoQ10 prior to heart surgery, and promising evidence indicates that CoQ10 may be useful in treating chronic heart failure because low blood levels of CoQ10 are found in conjunction with this syndrome, notes Mayo Clinic. When combined with garlic extract, CoQ10 can help protect the heart from the damage of stress. Diabetics may experience improved blood flow and widening of the blood vessels when supplementing with CoQ10. Research into CoQ10 and its benefits is ongoing as of 2015.

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