How Do You Cope With an Aging Grandmother?


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A grandchild who has to cope with her grandmother's aging difficulties needs to understand the progression of physical and mental disease, learn tricks for dealing with someone with dementia and develop a plan to help the grandmother with finances and medical care. Aging Care points out that a grandchild caring for an aging grandmother is likely to become isolated and needs support from people with experience.

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How Do You Cope With an Aging Grandmother?
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An aging grandmother often suddenly becomes confused and aggressive and may display significant cognitive problems, according to A Place for Mom. When a grandmother becomes aggressive due to dementia, the most important thing a grandchild can do is ensure the grandparent's safety. Redirecting the grandmother away from things that make her confused also help her feel safe.

Grandchildren sometimes have to take over their grandparents' finances as they age. Financial Samurai suggests that caregiving grandchildren research the best possible health and prescription coverage, look for ways to cut monthly expenses, minimize unnecessary expenses and gifts, and look into the options regarding long term care insurance and assisted living.

Grandchildren caring for aging grandmothers are typically in need of a great deal of support. A Place for Mom suggests contacting the grandmother's place of worship, seeking mentors, contacting state and local governmental agencies for help, and hiring as much in-home care as is feasible. Grandchildren trying to cope should not put their own lives on hold to deal with their grandmother's aging problems.

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