How Do You Cool Skin Rashes?


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Natural remedies for skin rashes include using things found in the kitchen, such as applying apple cider vinegar or oatmeal, according to the Gerson Institute. These remedies help alleviate the effects of rashes, poison ivy and eczema.

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A good way to cool skin rashes or irritation caused by poison ivy and insect bites or stings where venom is injected, such as in the case of ant bites or bee stings, is to apply a paste of bentonite clay, says the Gerson Institute. This clay is very good at pulling toxins out of the skin and helps the irritation heal faster. Bentonite clay is available at health food stores.

Apple cider vinegar is another remedy recommended by the Gerson Institute because it is an antifungal and antibacterial agent. It is particularly helpful in alleviating irritation caused by dry skin. Aloe vera is another substance used for soothing skin rashes. Whether it is pure aloe vera gel purchased at the store or it comes straight from an aloe plant, it has long been a tried and true remedy for skin irritation. Aloe plants are easy to come by and can be kept on hand to treat skin irritation, notes the Gerson Institute.

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