How Do You Control High Blood Sugar Naturally?


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To control blood sugar naturally, eat the proper foods, avoiding food items that make your blood sugar levels spike and plummet, such as white bread, and follow a consistent exercise regimen, states WebMD. Foods such as oatmeal, whole grains and certain vegetables are best for balancing blood-sugar levels.

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Because it is slow to digest and raises blood sugars gradually in the process, oatmeal is one of the best choices for breakfast for those who need to control blood-sugar levels, according to WebMD. The same is true of whole-grain items. Vegetables that are low in starch and high in fiber, such as broccoli and spinach, are ideal in helping maintain balanced blood-sugar levels. Starchy vegetables, such as beans and squash, should not be completely absent from a diet because they offer many other benefits, but they should be consumed in moderate portions. Even some foods that those watching blood sugar levels avoid because of their sweetness, such as strawberries, are surprisingly beneficial with low-carbohydrate and high-fiber content.

Both cardiovascular and resistance exercises have been shown to lower blood sugars, although they do so in different ways, according to Diabetic Living. Cardiovascular exercise requires a persistent source of sugar for fuel throughout the exercise session, while resistance exercise demands short bursts of large quantities of fuel. When beginning an exercise regimen, it is helpful to check blood sugar levels before and after the activity to discover which type is most efficient for controlling high blood sugar.

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