How Do You Control High Blood Sugar With Your Diet?


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Control high blood sugar through a diet by making one change at a time, not skipping meals and cutting some of the carbs, according to WebMD. Balancing the plate with the right foods and fine tuning the diet are also ways to control high blood sugar.

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Make small changes when using diet to control blood sugar, starting with one change at a time, as stated by WebMD. Ensuring that meals are spaced between four and six hours of each other also helps to control blood sugar. In addition, it can help to eat meals at the same time each day.

Cutting some of the carbs from a diet, such as rice, bread and pasta, can also help to control blood sugar, advises WebMD. Start by having two-thirds of a normal portion, and try to eat even less over time.

Balancing the plate is another method to lower blood sugar, notes WebMD. Fill half of a 9- to-10-inch plate with non-starchy vegetables, a quarter of the plate with lean protein, and a quarter of the plate with starchy food. Add a serving of fruit along with low-fat milk or yogurt on the side. This visual image is a reminder that half of the diet should be comprised of vegetables.

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