How Do You Control Erratic Blood Pressure Levels?


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Stress, food sensitivities and emotional turmoil can lead to elevations in blood pressure, so managing those conditions keeps blood pressure more consistent. People who have a history of hypertension develop blood vessels that tighten more easily than in the average patient, notes the Los Angeles Times.

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Managing high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) is possible through a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine and medication if necessary. While some cases of high blood pressure are genetic, lifestyle choices also play a strong role. Using devices that monitor blood pressure at home can provide a helpful guide for people looking to keep pressure levels more even, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Food sensitivities also play a role in high blood pressure. Those who eat a meal that is heavy in salt, for example, could see their levels jump significantly afterward. People who use illegal drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine can experience a spike in pressure levels, in addition to other problems. In general, pressure levels of 120/80 and below are considered normal, while those between 120/80 and 139/89 indicate a risk for hypertension. Levels above 139/89 in repeated tests would mark a patient with mild hypertension, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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