How Do You Control Benign Hypertension?


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Benign hypertension can be controlled in several ways or combinations of ways including through weight loss, through medication, consistent exercise programs, healthy diets, sodium reduction and alcoholic beverage reduction. reports Mayo Clinic. Benign hypertension simply means that the high blood pressure has accumulated during a period of time and, therefore, should be treated the same way as any type of hypertension.

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People with high blood pressure will have readings that are 140/90 or higher and it is recommended that people aim for 119/79 or lower as this is considered the normal blood pressure range, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. While most people do not experience symptoms with high blood pressure, they are more prone to lethal problems, such as kidney failure, heart failure, stroke and heart attack.

One of the biggest problems with weight when it comes to high blood pressure is the weight around the waist. When people have too much of their weight around their waist, their risk factor increases dramatically. Mayo Clinic recommends that men stay at or below 40 inches and women stay at or below 35 inches unless the men and women are of Asian descent. Asian men should stay at or below 36 inches and Asian women should stay at or below 32 inches.

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