How Do You Control Your Appetite?


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To control your appetite, cut your carbohydrate intake for at least two weeks. Gradually re-introduce more carbohydrates into your diet while keeping a food journal. When you start experiencing appetite issues again, return to the foods you were eating just before that point.

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  1. Reduce carbohydrate intake

    Reduce carbohydrate intake to 40 carbohydrates a day for two weeks by cutting out sugary foods. Instead, eat foods that have no carbohydrates or that are low in them, such as red meat, bacon, cheese, eggs, leafy greens and green beans. Read food labels, and approach the term "net carbs" with caution. Sugar alcohol is often substituted for sugar in some products, and it has the potential to upset your stomach.

  2. Plan ahead for activities to do when cravings occur

    Plan to call a friend or take a 10-minute walk when cravings do occur. Cravings are most likely during the first few days during which you reduce your intake of carbohydrates.

  3. Re-introduce carbohydrates

    After at least two weeks have passed, gradually bring more carbohydrates back into your diet. Focus on healthy carbohydrates such as those from fruits and whole-grain bread. Keep a food journal so that if your appetite becomes a problem again, you know your "sweet spot" for carbohydrate intake.

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