How Contagious Is Clostridium Difficile?


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Clostridium difficile is very contagious because the spores, which are found in the feces, are capable of living on dry surfaces for an extended time, according to WebMD. Another person can become infected with Clostridium difficile by touching a contaminated surface.

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Good personal hygiene is important in preventing Clostridium difficile infection, notes WebMD. People in contact with infected individuals should frequently wash their hands with soap and water. Regularly cleaning surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms with chlorine bleach products is also recommended.

Treatment for Clostridium difficile typically involves antibiotics, including Flagyl, Dificid or vancomycin, states WebMD. Probiotics and liberal fluid intake may also be advised. Antidiarrheal medications are usually not recommended for individuals with Clostridium difficile.

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