How Do You Take Contacts Out?

contacts-out Credit: PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

To remove a contact lens, wash hands and use the index finger of the non-dominant hand to lift the eye’s upper eyelid. At the same time, use the middle finger of the dominant hand to pull the lower lid downwards. Next, use the index finger and thumb to gently remove the contact.

  1. Wash the hands, and prepare the eyes

    Wash both hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching either eye to remove a contact lens. Dry the hands to reduce the amount of water transferred to the lens when handling it. Add lubricating drops to the eyes to make the lenses easier to remove.

  2. Position the hands correctly

    While looking into the mirror and standing or sitting in an area with adequate lighting, position the dominant hand so that it lifts the upper eyelid and the dominant hand so that it lowers the lower eyelid.

  3. Remove a contact lens from the eye, and place it into a lens case

    Look upwards while removing each lens from either eye. Gently slide the contact downwards and out of the eye with a gentle pinching action of the index finger and the thumb of the dominant hand. Place the left lens in the left side of a storage case, and the right lens in the right side of the storage case. Add cleansing solution to the lens case. Place and then tighten the lid on the top of each side.