Is Consuming Too Much Iodine Fatal?


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Death from an overdose of iodine is possible, but unlikely, says MedlinePlus. Iodine is a chemical that is essential for good health. Only small amounts are needed, and large doses can be dangerous, especially for children. WebMD reports that iodine deficiency is a widespread health problem.

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The body's required iodine must come from the diet, although generally there is very little naturally present in food. Iodine is added to some foods, most notably salt, during processing, according to WebMD. Iodine deficiency can cause thyroid and fertility problems, and can also affect normal development in children.

Iodine is likely safe for most people when taken by mouth or applied to the skin in recommended amounts; however, some people are particularly sensitive to iodine and can suffer significant side effects. Higher intake and long-term use may be unsafe and can cause myriad side effects, including thyroid problems, reports WebMD.

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