What Constitutes Healthy Skin?


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Healthy skin is skin that is smooth, warm to the touch and has no visible wrinkles, cracks or breaks in the surface. Healthy skin is the first sign of a healthy body.

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What Constitutes Healthy Skin?
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It is possible for a person to maintain healthy skin throughout his or her entire life. Nutrition plays a major part in achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Fruits, vegetables and protein all play a major role in healthy skin. Look for foods with plenty of vitamins A, C and E and zinc.

Other factors that affect the skin's health include, smoking, anemia, edema and vascular disease caused by elevated cholesterol and diabetes.

To care for skin properly, it is important to avoid harsh soaps and lotions. Antibacterial or antimicrobial soaps can interfere with the acidity of the skin, causing it to become dry. Dirty skin breaks down faster than clean skin so frequent bathing is necessary to keep the skin healthy. When applying lotions, avoid overexposure on the areas of the body that are bony. On bony areas, such as knees and elbows, the skin is thinner and overexposure to lotions may cause the skin to breakdown in these areas.

Nourishing the skin with natural ingredients, using both nutrition and proper skin care techniques, will offer the best chance of keeping the skin young and healthy looking for many years.

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