What Is Considered Dangerously High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is considered dangerous when it leads to stroke, kidney disease, heart failure and heart attack, and dangerously high readings are 180/110 and higher. A person may have high blood pressure for a long time without experiencing any early symptoms. Over the years, the blood vessels get damaged thus leading to several health conditions, as stated by Blood Pressure UK.

Many people are often affected by high blood pressure but are unaware of it, and this may lead to a dangerously high level of blood pressure. Therefore, it is important for people to know what their blood pressure level is. If it is high, treatment is necessary and medications must be adhered to. People with very high levels of blood pressure should seek medical treatment early as it can cause different health problems. Visiting a doctor on a regular basis will keep tabs on the blood pressure and help avoid situations that may trigger an increase.

Blood pressure readings are considered to be at dangerous levels when the systolic, or top number, is 180 or more and the diastolic, or bottom number, is 110 or more. This is known as hypertensive crisis and constitutes an emergency condition, as stated by the American Heart Association.

High blood pressure is known to cause damage to the body of a patient for years before the symptoms start appearing, as reported by Mayo Clinic. If not controlled early enough, it can lead to poor life quality and a heart attack. Making lifestyle changes is one of the effective ways of controlling hypertension.