What Considerations Go Into the Average Cost of a Colonoscopy?


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Factors that figure into the average cost of a colonoscopy include use of the facility, evaluation of the colon, lesion removal and any anesthetic used during the procedure, according to Healthcare Bluebook. A preventive colonoscopy costs less than a colonoscopy that requires a biopsy or tissue removal.

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As of March 2015, a screening colonoscopy costs around $1,637, while a colonoscopy with a biopsy costs approximately $1,894, notes Healthcare Bluebook. A colonoscopy is generally an outpatient procedure that does not require an overnight stay. The facility services fee costs around $700, while the physician fee for the procedure itself is approximately $421 for a screening versus $637 for a biopsy. Anesthesia, if required, costs between $524 and $551.

The national minimum cost of a colonoscopy is $1,800 in Harriman, Tennessee, says New Choice Health. The average price is $2,625, whereas the national maximum price is $12,500 in Las Vegas. Some of the least expensive places to have a colonoscopy include St. Louis, Baltimore and Tampa based on average price ranges between $435 to $1,600.

The average price of a colonoscopy in the United States was $1,185 in 2012, explains Elisabeth Rosenthal for The New York Times. The cost of the procedure may vary widely from state to state, and even within the same city, by thousands of dollars. The reasons for such disparate costs include negotiations that occur between health insurance companies, health care providers and patients.

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