What Are Some Consequences of Glaucoma Surgery?


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Glaucoma may be treated through laser surgery or traditional surgery with minimal consequences, according to The Glaucoma Foundation. Surgical treatment may be combined with other methods, such as medications and eye drops. Most patients retain their eyesight when the condition is treated early.

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Laser surgery is commonly performed quickly and painlessly, reports The Glaucoma Foundation. The procedure is performed in a doctor's office or outpatient facility, and the patient may return to normal activity directly afterward. Medication may be prescribed for a period of time, and surgical complications are minimal.

Traditional surgery is also typically performed as an outpatient procedure, reports The Glaucoma Foundation. Surgery improves the condition for most patients, and approximately half of all patients cease to require glaucoma medications after surgery. Reading, driving and heavy lifting may need to be limited for a period of time after surgery.

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