What Are Some Consequences of Being Caught Cheating a Drug Test?

Cheating a drug test can have serious consequences including disciplinary action, loss of employment, and incarceration, depending on the circumstances of the drug test, reports LegalMatch.com. Common ways that patients try to beat drug tests include urine dilution, adulteration, and substitution, notes U.S. News.

Modern urine drug screens have the ability to detect diluted and adulterated samples, according to Alfa Scientific. Many businesses, especially ones where workers use heavy machinery or motor vehicles, require drug tests as a condition of hiring and continued employment, reports OHS Health & Safety Services. Failing a drug test due to adulteration can be grounds for disciplinary action or termination.

More serious consequences arise for individuals who are part of the criminal justice system. An individual who is caught tampering with a drug test while on probation risks having his probation revoked, requiring him to serve the remainder of his sentence in jail or prison, according to HG.org.