How Do You Conduct a Prostate Self-Examination?


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Examine your prostate by mimicking the techniques doctors use when performing prostate examinations. Doctors do not recommend attempting to perform a prostate examination by yourself, since it is not likely that you have the training necessary to reach an accurate conclusion as a result of the examination, according to Health 24.

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If you insist on performing your own prostate examination, the first thing to determine is the necessity of a screening, according to Health 24. Men 45 years or older with a first-degree relative who had prostate cancer should have their prostates checked by a professional, as should men over the age of 65, due to increased risk. Also note any symptoms associated with urinary system problems, such as weak urine streams, frequent urination at night or painful ejaculation. If you experience one of more of these symptoms, have a medical professional perform the examination.

To perform the examination, Health 24 suggests you assume a position lying on your side or leaning forward while flexing your hips for comfort. Use a hand mirror to inspect the area for skin conditions before putting on a sterile, lubricated glove and inserting one finger into your rectum. Use a circular motion to feel for lumps or bumps that may indicate the presence of tumors, cysts or cancer. If you find anything out of the ordinary, consult with a physician and mention that you administered a self-examination.

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