What Conditions Do Vitamin B-2 Supplements Treat?


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Vitamin B-2 supplements can prevent conditions such as migraine headaches and cervical cancer, but it is used to treat burning feet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, riboflavin deficiency, acne, blood disorders and general muscle cramps according to WebMD. Most people get enough vitamin B-2 in their daily diet.

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What Conditions Do Vitamin B-2 Supplements Treat?
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For those who do not get enough vitamin B-2, it is crucial to supplement to avoid conditions and problems. In order to get vitamin B-2 naturally, people must eat nuts, eggs, milk, green vegetables, meat and enriched flour, notes the U.S. National Institutes of Health. People do not need to worry about overdosing on B-2 because it is extremely rare to consume too much, reports Healthline. If a person does get too much vitamin B-2, the risk is liver damage.

When a person has a vitamin B-2 deficiency, the body is unable to function properly and the deficiency can lead to other problems, such as with absorbing iron. Vitamin B-2 is also important for the hair, nails, skin, reproductive function, memory and immune system . People who have vitamin B-2 deficiency tend to have visible symptoms that include mouth infections, bloodshot eyes, chapped lips and sensitivity to light, whether artificial or natural.

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