What Conditions Have Symptoms Similar to a Mini Stroke?


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Conditions that have symptoms similar to a mini stroke are migraine headaches, according to Mayo Clinic, and some forms of epilepsy, says WedMD. Cervical spondylosis and hyperventilation syndrome also share similar symptoms, states MedlinePlus.

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What Conditions Have Symptoms Similar to a Mini Stroke?
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Symptoms of a mini stroke, or TIA, include numbness, weakness or paralysis in the arm, leg or face, often on one side of the body, speaking difficulty, double vision or blindness in one eye and dizziness or clumsiness, states Mayo Clinic.

Part of the aura of a migraine headache is speaking difficulty or blindness, says Mayo Clinic. In benign rolandic epilepsy, the victim may experience numbness in their tongue and a paralysis of the muscles that control their mouth, which may lead to drooling, states WebMD.

Cervical spondylosis is a condition where the vertebrae in the neck area start to deteriorate due to constant wear, according to MedlinePlus. Some of the symptoms of this condition are numbness in the arms and legs and loss of balance.

Hyperventilation syndrome happens when a person breathes so quickly that the carbon dioxide levels in the blood increase and the blood chemistry is put out of balance, says Medline Plus. It is often part of a panic attack and can be caused by stress, severe pain or strong emotion. Among the symptoms are dizziness, confusion, numbness around the mouth and in the arms and weakness.

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