What Conditions Does Metoprolol Tartrate Treat?


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Metoprolol tartrate treats high blood pressure, angina, and prevents myocardial reinfarction, states WebMD. It can also treat diastolic heart failure, restlessness and chronic heart failure.

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Metoprolol is one of the beta blocker drugs that work by blocking the action of certain natural chemicals, such as epinephrine, in the blood vessels and the heart, notes WebMD. This effectively lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and the strain on the heart.

The patient should take the medication regularly to get maximum benefits from it. However, sometimes it takes several days to get the full benefit of this drug when treating high blood pressure, as WebMD states. It is important for the patient to take the medicine even when he is feeling well, especially considering the fact that most people with high blood pressure do not feel sick.

The patient can prevent angina, a second heart attack or a migraine if he takes the medications according to the prescription, advises WebMD. It is not advisable for the patient to use the drug to treat sudden attacks when they occur. There are other medications, such as nitroglycerin tablets for chest pain and sumatriptan for migraines, that a person can use to relieve sudden attacks.

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