What Conditions Do Magnesium Malate Supplements Treat?


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Magnesium malate supplements are useful for treating heartburn, constipation, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, irregular heartbeat and magnesium deficiency, according to WebMD. There are a number of other possible benefits of taking magnesium malate, too.

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What Conditions Do Magnesium Malate Supplements Treat?
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Magnesium is a mineral used in the body for building bones and as a catalyst for various chemical reactions. According to WebMD, it treats a number of health conditions.

Magnesium taken orally can relieve acid indigestion and also constipation. High doses of the mineral compound are even used as laxatives to empty the bowels before surgery.

In intravenous form, it is the go-to treatment for the dangerously high blood pressure levels that occur with eclampsia and pre-eclampsia in pregnant women. Some research also indicates that taking magnesium before a very pre-term birth can help prevent cerebral palsy.

Those people with certain health problems, older people and African Americans are at an increased risk for developing a magnesium deficiency. Oral or intravenous doses of magnesium are used to help counter the low blood levels of this mineral.

Magnesium may also be a likely intravenous treatment for those suffering with a specific type of irregular heartbeat called, torsades de pointes. Research also indicates that oral magnesium may help reduce chest pain in those with coronary artery disease.

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