What Are Some Conditions That Cause an Itchy Rash on Stomach?


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West Nile fever and pemphigoid are two conditions that cause itchy rashes on the stomach, states Healthline. Intertrigo is another ailment that causes an itchy stomach rash, according to WebMD.

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West Nile fever spreads through mosquitoes that are infected with the West Nile virus, states Healthline. Typical symptoms include stomach and chest rash, fever, nausea, swollen lymph glands, vision loss and body pain. It can also result in convulsions, coma, paralysis and permanent brain damage. This fever is incurable, and the only form of management is with painkillers such as aspirin.

Pemphigoid is an autoimmune illness that causes red blisters on the stomach, arms, legs and the mucous lining of the eyes, ears, nose and genital areas, notes Healthline. It can also affect women during and after pregnancy. The pre-existence of autoimmune ailments, overexposure to UV therapies or radiation treatments increases the risk of developing pemphigoid. It is incurable but can be treated by immunosuppressants.

Intertrigo causes a foul-smelling red or brown rash on the abdomen, armpit and genital areas, says WebMD. It often occurs on the parts of the body that rub against each other such as the inner thighs and the lower belly. Moisture and the poor circulation of air are common causes of intertrigo. The disease is common among those with diabetes, obesity and excessive sweating and those overexposed to heat.

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