What Conditions Cause Blood in the Urine of Men?


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An enlarged prostate, kidney infection, urinary tract infection and a kidney injury are some of the causes of blood in the urine of men, notes Mayo Clinic. Blood in the urine is a condition known as hematuria and happens when the kidneys allow blood to infiltrate urine.

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What Conditions Cause Blood in the Urine of Men?
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One of the reasons bloody urine is a symptom of prostate cancer is that the swelling prostate in older men bears down on the urethra and impedes the normal flow of urine, according to Mayo Clinic. Additional indications of an enlarged prostate include an ongoing need to urinate and trouble urinating. Whenever bacteria from the blood seep into the kidneys, it can lead to a kidney infection. Kidney infections commonly cause fever and pain in the back and upper abdomen.

Rather than prescribing a specific treatment for hematuria, physicians usually address the condition that initially led to blood showing up in the urine, states Mayo Clinic. Medication can be taken to shrink an enlarged prostate, and antibiotics might be able to treat a urinary tract infection successfully. Stones in the bladder and kidneys can be dissolved with shock wave therapy. If the medical reason for hematuria isn't cause for alarm, there's usually no need for treatment.

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