What Conditions Can Pred Forte Eye Drops Help?


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Pred Forte drops are used to treat severe eye inflammations, cornea infections due to herpes zoster, ciliary body inflammations, uvea inflammations and cornea ulcers, according to WebMD. Iris inflammations, corneal injuries, allergic conjunctivitis and eye inflammation after surgery are some other conditions treated with Pred Forte.

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Pred Forte drops are opthalmic corticosteroids used as a general treatment for eye ailments due to injury or inflammation, reports WebMD. Its generic name is prednisolone acetate, and prednisolone relieves itching, redness and swelling symptoms.

Pred Forte is also used to treat uveitis or inflammation of the eye's uvea, according to MedicineNet. The uvea is composed of the iris, the ciliary body and the choroid. Some symptoms of uveitis include bloodshot eyes, painful eyes, sensitivity to light and cloudy vision. The drops also specifically treat different types of uveitis, such as iritis, which is the inflammation of the iris, and cyclitis or intermediate uveitis, which is the inflammation of the ciliary body.

Corneal injuries are wounds on the cornea or the transparent tissue covering the front of the eyes, reports MedlinePlus. Aside from damage due to infections, the cornea also receives injuries due to chemicals, contact lens issues, abrasions, foreign objects and severe light sources. Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when eyes are exposed to allergens that cause the conjunctiva's blood vessels to swell. The eyes then become itchy, red and teary.

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