What Is the Condition of White Blood Cells in Leukemia Patients?


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The white blood cells in leukemia patients are cancerous blood cells that are generally of two types: lymphocytes and granulocytes, as stated by Healthline. Lymphoid and myeloid cells are the precursor cells for the differentiated lymphocytes and granulocytes, respectively.

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The blood produces three types of cells: red blood, white blood and platelets. A blood disorder where white blood cells mutate and become malignant is known as leukemia. The disease can rapidly develop or progress slowly, according to WebMD.

White blood cells are responsible for defending the body against foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses. When immature white blood cells, such as lymphoid and myeloid cells, proliferate at a rapid rate, these cells generally do not undergo further differentiation and in the process, lose their functionality, which leads to leukemia.

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