What Are Some Concerns for Being in a Relationship With a High Age Gap?


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People who are in a relationship with a high age gap are often concerned about generational differences such as taste in music, food, friends or activities, states GoodTherapy.com. Mates who are not open to learning new things about each other and sharing interests that are not familiar often struggle to maintain a healthy partnership due to a high age gap.

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Individuals dating someone who is significantly older or younger often receive criticism from family members or friends who disapprove of the relationship. Couples may face ridicule from others who do not understand why a younger man is dating an older woman or an older man is dating a younger woman. Some people even struggle with people questioning their intentions as anything but honest.

People focused on the age difference may struggle to make the relationship work. For example, when a couple has a disagreement, it may be tempting to dismiss the argument as a generational issue versus attempting to work at the underlying problem such as communication, greed or even a misunderstanding. Some people in relationships with a high-age gap may feel self-conscious or undeserving of their partner's affection and attention if they have not come to terms with the concept that love has no boundaries or age limits.

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