How Do You Conceal Droopy Eyelids Without Surgery?


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To conceal drooping eyelids without resorting to surgery, apply specific makeup techniques, such as the application of a thick coat of mascara to only the upper lashes, as suggested by About.com. Apply eyeliner to the upper lid only, and the lines must curve upward.

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To apply the upper lash technique, curl the upper lashes only, says About.com. Apply several coats of a thickening mascara to the lashes to complete the look. To apply the upper lid technique instead, apply a liquid eyeliner to the upper lid, and ensure the ending line curves in an upward direction. To apply eyeliner to the bottom lid, use a pencil liner before smudging it in evenly. Avoid applying eyeliner to the inside of the eyes.

To minimize the appearance of drooping eyelids, avoid brightly colored eye shadows, as claimed by About.com. Instead, apply eye shadow primer to the eyelids followed by a few sweeps of a lightly-colored eye shadow that resembles the color of the skin. If using a shimmering eye shadow, apply only a dot of it at the corner of the eye.

As of 2015, false eyelashes are popular, but individuals with drooping eyelids should avoid full lashes, according to About.com. Apply individual false eyelashes to the lids instead.

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