What Is Compound X?

Compound X, also known as Two Feathers Healing Formula, was a remedy that claimed to work as a cure for cancer and numerous other diseases, as well as provide various health benefits that could prevent disease, according to Quackwatch. The compound itself was said to be made of calcium phosphate, zinc, potassium, magnesium, sodium, eleven trace minerals, and 17 synergistic herbs. The exact nature of the minerals and herbs are not listed and the distributor refuses to release the information.

Compound X was marketed as a panacea that claimed to treat cancer, tumors, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergic reactions, viruses, yeast infections, fungal infections, parasites, lupus, moles, liver toxicity, vaginitis, worms and skin cancer, Quackwatch notes.

The product was a folk remedy that used dangerous old-world methods to burn away affected skin where users applied it, perhaps taking superficial cancers with it, as some users reported. Modern medicine can take care of these cancers much more effectively and much more safely, rendering the salve ineffective and needlessly dangerous.

The product fails to meet the federal requirements for items companies claim prevent or treat diseases, Quackwatch warns. The Food and Drug Administration ordered the manufacturer to stop producing it in 2005.