What Are the Complications From a Meningioma Brain Tumor?


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Some of the long-term complications of a meningioma and its treatment, such as surgery or radiation therapy, include trouble in concentrating, loss of memory, seizures and personality differences, according to Mayo Clinic. Doctors can treat certain complications or recommend a specialist who can help the patient manage the complications.

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A meningioma originates from the membranes around the brain and spinal cord called meninges, states Mayo Clinic. The tumor is typically noncancerous, but it can lead to cancer in rare cases. Other types of meningiomas are categorized as atypical, which means they are not particularly harmless or cancerous but somewhere between the two classifications.

Older women are often prone to meningiomas; however, men and children can also develop the disease, notes Mayo Clinic. Immediate treatment is not always necessary for patients with a meningioma. Physicians usually monitor a meningioma within a certain period if the tumor does not cause any significant signs and symptoms.

Meningioma symptoms usually manifest slowly and mildly at first, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. Symptoms vary depending on the location of the tumor. A person is likely to experience symptoms when the meningioma presses on the brain or spinal cord. Headaches, seizures, poor vision, weak arms or legs, and a numb sensation are common symptoms of the tumor. Some patients may also experience difficulty in balancing, hearing loss or memory loss.

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