What Are Some Complications of a Colostomy?


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Common complications that may develop following a colostomy procedure include herniation, constipation, loose bowel movement, severe dermal problems and intestinal blockage. Patients may also experience allergic reactions to anesthesia, notes Healthline.

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A hernia that occurs after a colostomy is indicated by a marked protrusion of the colon through the artificial opening created during the operation. If the hernia becomes aggravated, patients may require surgery, according to the American Cancer Society.

The area around the wound may also become painful, reddish and weeping, which makes it difficult to seal the stoma. Patients with worsening skin conditions should consult with their health care provider to decide on the proper treatment course.

Other known risks for a colostomy surgery include infections, internal hemorrhage, tissue scarring and impairment of other body organs.

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