What Are Some Complications That Can Happen From Cataract Surgery?


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Complications from cataract surgery include infection at the surgical site, bleeding and swelling, according to Mayo Clinic. Other complications are inflammation, detachment of the retina and glaucoma. The patient can also lose vision. Fortunately, these complications are rare.

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Other complications of cataract surgery can be swelling in the cornea and fluid accumulating in the retina, per the American Optometric Association. The intraocular lens that is implanted after the surgery may come loose, and the eyelid of the affected eye may droop.

Complications of cataract surgery are more likely if the patient has a pre-existing condition, according to Mayo Clinic. The vision of a patient who already suffers from glaucoma or macular degeneration may not improve even after surgery. Indeed, cataract surgery may exacerbate age-related macular degeneration, as stated by the American Optometric Association. This is when the central part of the retina begins to deteriorate. There may also be problems with the eye that neither the surgeon nor the patient was aware of before the cataract surgery.

Some people develop a secondary cataract after cataract surgery, noted by both Mayo Clinic and the American Optometric Association. This complication happens when the lens capsule, which was left in the eye during the surgery to support the prosthetic lens, becomes cloudy. However, YAG laser capsulotomy can easily treat this condition.

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