What Are Some Complications That Arise From Bone Bruises?


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The complication that arises from a bone bruise is avascular necrosis, explains Saint Luke’s Health System. Although most bone bruises tend to heal without any problems, the area may have trouble getting blood supply from the body if the bruise is too large, leading to death of that part of the bone. Patients are advised to contact their health care provider if symptoms do not get better or if they experience severe symptoms such as high fever.

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The symptoms associated with a bone bruise include pain and tenderness in the injured part, swelling in the area, change in color, and stiffness of an injured joint, explains Saint Luke’s Health System. The pain from a bone bruise is more severe and may last longer, compared to a soft-tissue injury. The severity of the symptoms and how long they last depends on the severity of the bone bruise.

To treat a bone bruise, a health care provider may ask patients to rest the joint or bone, apply ice in the area a number of times daily, raise the injured part above the level of the heart to minimize swelling, wear a brace to limit movement, and take medications to reduce swelling and pain, explains Saint Luke’s Health System.

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