How Do You Complete a HIPAA Form?


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In order to properly complete an HIPAA compliant authorization form, include all the information that is disclosed by the covered entity in the most specific and thorough fashion possible, according to Disabled World. In order for the form to be accepted, every blank must be completely filled in.

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When compiling a HIPAA authorization form, the name of the patient must be given. This also includes the specific names of any persons who receive access to the disclosed information, including lawyers, doctors, family members or other caregivers. Terms such as "my attorney" are not acceptable, according to Disabled World.

Secondly, include the specific disclosed medical or personal information in a specific and thorough manner. Do not include abbreviations or allusions to documents. Use full names, such as "all laboratory results for the year 2014," states Disabled World.

After including a section stating which information is being disclosed, include the reasons for each of these disclosures. Examples of this include court trials, medical necessity, family inheritance or fraud investigation. It is also possible to include the phrase "at the request of the individual." This is sufficient purpose, according to Disabled World. In this section, include an expiration date for the period of time of disclosure.

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