How Do You Complete a Fall Risk Assessment Form?


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To complete a fall risk assessment form, read through the list of risk factors, assess the patient relative to each factor and assign a point value that explains the patient's level of risk, according to the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing. Add the risk points to determine the final score, and compare it to the scale on the assessment form to determine the patient's fall risk.

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Health care facilities use different fall risk assessment forms based on specific research models. The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model assessment form provides the highest point value for each risk factor, as stated by the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing. When using this model, you must decide where on the predetermined scale the patient falls for each factor.

Some fall risk assessment tools lay out a series of risk factors, each worth one point, asserts the Missouri Alliance for Home Care. To fill out the MAHC form, you must consider factors such as the patient's age, medical diagnosis and cognitive impairment. MAHC allows medical professionals to fill out the form with information gathered from an in-person assessment, medical history, and conversations with the patient or caregiver. On the MAHC scale, a patient with four or more points is at risk for falls.

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