What Are Some Complaints About the ReSTOR Lens?


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Although ReSTOR lenses are a generally effective treatment for people suffering from cataracts or presbyopia, they do have side effects such as halos or blur circles around points of light, according to EyeNet Magazine. A "waxy" haze is another possible side effect.

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The visual side effects of ReSTOR lenses are most noticeable at night, because the pupil widens at night to admit more light. During daylight conditions, few patients notice the visual aberrations.

ReSTOR lenses are designed with one focus at infinity and another at around fourteen inches, and most patients achieve about 20/25 vision in those ranges. However, there is no intermediate focal point, and patients' vision tends to be around 20/40 at intermediate distances. Some patients still require glasses for the intermediate zone, although most still see an improvement from their intermediate vision before the procedure. Additionally, some patients report a reduced contrast sensitivity after receiving ReSTOR lenses.

Because of these issues, doctors are often cautious about recommending ReSTOR lenses to people who work or drive at night, or to people in jobs with high visual standards, such as artists and engineers. However, according to the Myalcon website, more than 93 percent of patients who received ReSTOR lenses report that they would make the same decision again.

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