What Complaints Does Prostavar Get From Customers?


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The most common complaints from customers using Prostavar are that the product does not work and that it is expensive. Online reviews for Prostavar are mixed. Prostavar is an herbal supplement intended to help improve prostate health and reduce urinary tract problems in men.

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Many reviews on Amazon.com state that the product is not effective and does not create a noticeable difference in symptoms, even after prolonged use. Some reviews indicate that the product is quite expensive, especially as an herbal supplement, and that it is difficult or a nuisance to remember to take the product three times each day. Some reviews note mild side effects, including upset stomach and occasional constipation. While Prostavar claims to be free of side effects, some of the ingredients in the product cause similar symptoms in some individuals.

Other reviews listed on Amazon.com, the Prostavar website and on Consumer Health Digest are more positive and indicate that the product is effective if used correctly. Prostavar asserts that the product should be taken for at least 30 days before measuring improvement. In the case of severe prostate enlargement or other issues, a faster acting prescription medicine is advised over Prostavar. In any case, men experiencing prostate issues should consult a doctor before beginning to take Prostavar.

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