What Are Some Complaints About Prevagen?


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There are many complaints about Prevagen that surfaced after the FDA issued a warning to the company that the product was indeed a drug and could not be marketed as a nutritional supplement, including faulty research and the lack of FDA approval, reports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is also troubling that the FDA cited the website as violating several federal laws.

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Prevagen is a drug that was created to help improve the memory of people who are having difficulty with memory due to old age. It is given via a single capsule. The drug includes a patented protein that is supposed to help replace protein that is lost as people age. It is claimed by the Prevagen manufacturer that the drug is not dangerous and is safe.

The FDA also stated that Prevagen was conducting inappropriate clinical trials because they did not follow proper procedures, as noted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Prevagen received the FDA notice and said that it would amend its website and follow protocol moving forward. However, Prevagen has not done this as of March 2015 and therefore using the drug is risky. When a business does not cooperate with the FDA and blatantly lies about their intent to cooperate, it is not a good idea for consumers to involve themselves with that company's products. It is not known what other violations or shortcuts the Prevagen drug company may have or use.

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